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Need More Energy?
20 April 2018

You have been awake for only a few minutes, and you’re already exhausted. Suddenly, it’s three o’clock in the afternoon and your hazy brain is salivating for another cup of coffee. You buy sweets, praying the sugar hit will give you the energy kick you crave. Once you are home you sit in a haze waiting for bedtime.

There are better ways to experience your life.

It is about time we make a conscious effort to nourish our bodies the right way every morning, ensuring we are fuelled to experience our day the best way possible. And this is just what Intrametica’s Purify Body Cleanse is designed to help you achieve.

We have created our Purify Body Cleanse into an easy mix formula that increases your mental well being and physical energy levels, whilst keeping your insides healthy and free of nasty preservatives.

Our body will treat us the way it is treated, so, we need to treat it well. Purify Body Cleanse assists our bodies natural process of detoxification, by supporting our liver and colon to cleanse toxins, that given the chance would turn into fat cells, mess up our hormones and drain our energy.

We’ve included Organic Maca in our Purify Body Cleanse, which is grown in secluded areas of Peru. Organic Maca has been traditionally used to treat mental and physical energy levels and ease menstrual cramps. This incredible root powder helps you control stress levels, and generates energy levels that will not only get you to the gym but will also encourage you to sleep better.

Adding Purify Body Cleanse into your morning smoothie is the perfect way to get your metabolism started, allowing you to sustain energy and break your addiction to cheap and nasty pick me ups.

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