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Product Reviews

I was so super excited when I heard that Angela Maree Smith was launching a product range. I am a huge supporter of natural wellness, Australian brands and sustainable sourced products. I have also heard about Angela from a number of friends who attend her clinic, and if her reputation as a practitioner is anything to go off, these products are going to be super amazing.

– Sally

I am loving the Toned Protein Boost. It actually taste delicious and mixes really well into my morning smoothie. I am trying the product as I am wanting to lose some weight and look amazing for my upcoming wedding. So far I have noticed that the protein is filling me up until lunch, and I am finding that I don't crave chocolate and sugar in the afternoons like I was. I can't wait to report back after I have been using this product for longer.

– Cassie

Angela's Reviews

No other naturopath was as thorough as Angela, she did all kinds of different tests to get to the cause of the actual problem, unlike other naturopaths that only guessed what it could be going by my symptoms, Angela got to the root of the problem and we worked from there.

– Bruce

The results I got after seeing Angela has lifted my spirits and got my old self back. The kind nature but also experience and high level of knowledge of everyone in the clinic made me feel comfortable but also confident in their advice and treatments. I would absolutely highly recommend anyone with any health concern to see Angela, she takes the time to really understand and analyse your situation with a comprehensive consultation and testing which really does help to get results.

– Danielle

At the time of seeing Angela for Naturopathy, I was very sick and had a severe issue with my health particularly my gut. My attitude was take it as it comes – no expectations. I got her advice and gave it a go… It basically started the process of curing me. Crippling symptoms were going and it was awesome to get functionality back! Sticking to it and over time, I am now more energetic and got back my vitality.

– Frank

Angela is an outstanding naturopathic practitioner and director of Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic, who’s intelligence and stealth in uncovering the cause of illnesses, is akin to a medical detective. Her intimate understanding of the body, biochemical pathways, and foods, nutrients and herbs ensures that she is innovative and effective in providing treatment with optimal clinical outcomes for her clients. She is a leader in natural medicine, with many cutting edge nutraceutical and natural medicine organisations, seeking her expertise regarding treatments aligned to the latest investigations and research. Her dynamic, down to earth, personable and compassionate nature ensures she relates to patients easily and is able to create a collaborative relationship with clients, further enhancing the efficacy of the treatment. Clients feel both supported emotionally and from a medical perspective regarding their health. She is a leader and asset to natural medicine, and to the medicine, health and wellness community as a whole.

– Lina Capovilla - Clinical Naturopath, Nutritionist and Yoga teacher

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