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Clare Adams
11 October 2018
Review for The Intrametica Collection

I am now 4 days post completing the #glowfromwithin 21-day detox program and am pleasantly surprised with my results. I got a lot out of this program and will definitely continue on with maintenance. The texture of my skin improved all over, now feeling smooth to the touch and firm from within. I can see that my eyes have brightened and my skin texture looks even and smooth. I loved the meals from the program – especially the smoothies, and have continued to have at least one recipe from the program each day. I can also see that the skin on my hands has also improved greatly!
I lost 2.5kg over the 21-days, I imagine though that adding more exercise to my week would increase that number. I loved how the Toned Protein Boost really reduced hunger cravings and by the 3rd week, I was only having breakfast (around lunchtime), a mid arvo smoothie, dinner and sometimes a hot drink for dessert.

My energy levels definitely increased and I found when I did do some exercise I pushed myself harder the further I got into it – when before I would slow down. Unfortunately being a mum to 3 young boys I never really have the time to do any of the relaxing treatments like sauna visits or massages and my sleep times could definitely improve! But that is just the stage of my life at the moment.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the improvements over the 8-weeks and beyond!

I love Intrametica!

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