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Superfood supplements for better health

If you feel that your health and wellbeing could do with a boost, turn to the Intrametica® range of certified organic health products. Formulated with first to market proprietary ingredients and backed by published peer reviewed clinical studies, the Intrametica® powdered beverage range is the first of its kind.

Purify Body Cleanse is a superfood supplement for everyday use that works to improve various aspects of your health. This unique formulation contains clinically proven bioactive botanicals that support liver and gut detoxification as well as gut healing, gentle elimination via the bowel, and blood purification to support clear, radiant skin from within.

Each of the incredibly effective ingredients that can be found in this formula has been specially chosen because of its therapeutic action and the scientific evidence to back it up.

A great tasting, nourishing and alkalising elixir, Purify Body Cleanse is perfect for those who are looking to balance a hectic urban lifestyle. With its detoxifying properties, it is also ideal for those suffering with blemished, sluggish and fatigued skin. In just a delicious dose of water daily, you can support your body and start to improve your health and wellbeing.

Purify Body Cleanse is a perfect complement to both Collagen Ultimate+ and Toned Protein Boost forming the ultimate premium body beautiful product suite.

Treat your body to the deeper nourishment of Intrametica® to help keep yourself healthy, naturally youthful and glowing from the inside out.

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