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Our Story

Intrametica® is a collaboration of amazing, passionate women who are driven to give you the very best that we have inside us. From the concept to the design, every inch and element is infused with love and belief in the brand we bring to you. Our passion is to exceed your expectations and, to enhance your beauty from within. We love being vibrant women, walking our talk – as a team we respect each other and of course…….we respect you.

We are proud to bring you INTRAMETICA® – Evidenced based natural medicine formulations to transform your inner beauty!

Our Team

Angela Smith

CEO, Founder, Director, Formulator and Clinical Naturopath Angela Smith

Founder, R&D, Naturopath and Director of Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic (MNMC). Angela’s infectious energy and glowing health has attracted dozens of high profile Australians to her clinic and she is very excited to now bring her powerful formulations to the world. Angela has assembled a passionate and talented team who love her mission to curate luxurious inner beauty products to keep you looking ravishingly beautiful.

Samantha Fallon

CTO and R&D Samantha Fallon

CTO and R&D of Intrametica. Sam is one of the world’s most experienced natural medicine formulators managing some of the best formulations in natural medicine today. Sam’s technical knowledge ensures every Intrametica formulation is exquisitely balanced to achieve the best results. As the geeks of the team, Angela and Sam love working together to source the latest and most effective ingredients from around the globe.

Alex Pell

Operations Manager Alex Pell

Operations of Intrametica and Clinic Manager at Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic (MNMC). Alex is the backbone of the team and the grounding force which ensures the operation runs smoothly. As a naturopath herself, Alex has an appreciation for the amazing properties of the Intrametica range. She is an all-round top-gun, adaptable and indispensable right arm for Angela and the practitioners at MNMC.

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