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Let Our Detox Help You Look Younger
21 May 2018

Imagine there was a potion that left you looking younger, feeling energised and gave you a youthful glow that is the envy of all those who see you.

Now imagine we told you we have this potion with a mix of ingredients that will wind back the clock. The fountain of youth is a myth. Forget it. It doesn’t exist. But Intrametica’s Purify Body Cleanse does.

You are only as young as you feel, and the way you feel is directly affected by what you put into your body. That’s why we have created our Purify Body Cleanse detox. It’s in the name; Purify Body Cleanse will help you remove all the nasty toxins inside you that can make you feel dull and sluggish, replacing them organic whole food nutrition and clinically trialled botanicals to help support your body’s elimination processes gently and effectively. 

Detoxing is a fundamental process that your body needs to go through in order to function at its best. Detoxification not only removes toxic substances but nurtures healthier skin tissue, blood flow, and overall health and wellbeing. 

It is important to allow and assist your body to detoxify so you can live a healthier productive life and reach your potential. A proper diet is fundamental to have a glow to your skin and a bounce in your step.

Purify Body Cleanse contains superstar ingredients that combat the visible signs of premature ageing, whilst increase skin regeneration and renewal. Key ingredients Kakuda Plum and Organic Baobab are both high in Vitamin C, which promotes the production of collagen and elastin,  your body’s own tools to keep skin plump, wrinkles at bay and prevents sagging; all of which keep you looking younger.

It is imperative to push toxins out in order to allow nutrients in. With the aid of Purify Body Cleanse packed with self stable Probiotics, Australian Green Banana Fibre, and New Zealand Kiwifruit enzymes and polyphenols, you will experience an internal radiance of health that will make you look and feel younger.

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