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Botox and fillers are a luxury practice that can break the bank. However, the feeling of looking good is priceless, and there’s nothing like a full glowing face to make you feel sexy.

Key ingredients in Intrametica®’s Collagen Ultimate+ such as the bioactive collagen peptides will not only improve the results of botox and filler injections but also make them last longer.

Not only will the effects of the cosmetic surgeries last longer, but your skin will naturally become fuller and plumper. Natural ingredients Maqui Berry, Blackberry and Grapeseed are high in anthocyanins which will reduce wrinkles, keep skin hydrated and increase your skins natural elasticity.

Incorporate Intrametica®’s Collagen Ultimate+ to improve the radiance of your face, skin, and make the most of your botox and fillers in a natural healthy way.

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