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The Hunger Games: Managing Cravings
20 April 2018

Hunger is a game, and like any game, you need to play to win. Luckily, there are many sustainable and healthy ways to combat unnecessary and pesky cravings that get in the way of our goals.

More often than not, your intense food desires are a result of dehydration, boredom, bad habit or a lack of the correct nutrients. Intrametica’s Toned Protein Boost is a decadent blend of organic plant protein, boosted with bioactive collagen peptides that suppress hunger and nourish your body. 

As dehydration is often confused with hunger, it is important to recognise what your body is actually craving. Toned Protein Boost contains coconut water, which is a natural source of low-fat electrolytes that effectively rehydrates you, a satisfying natural alternative for energy drinks and sugar hits.

If you are consistently hitting energy slumps, it may be time to reconsider your diet to ensure you are getting the right nutrients. Protein is necessary for a healthy diet that will keep you from overeating whilst fuelling your body correctly.

One of Intrametica’s Toned Protein Boost key ingredients is flax seed a plant-based fibre, protein, and fatty acid source. Flaxseed helps keep a low blood sugar level, which helps you moderate your energy intake. In doing so, you are less likely to hit energy slumps, We’ve also included clinically trialed carob active which curbs your cravings and stops you from seeking out quick snacks to reboot your system.

The best part? Toned Protein Boost is designed as a breakfast meal replacement. This means that from the very beginning of your day you are filling your body with nutrients to sustain energy and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

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