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26 April 2022

Why did I choose Marine Collagen from Sustainably Sourced Fish instead of from Wild Caught Fish when formulating the Intrametica ingestible beauty products five years ago?

With so much misinformation floating up to the surface about the source of Marine Collagen I thought I would jump in here and hopefully clear up some of the marketing fluff that companies are using to try and differentiate their stories from those of us who have done the research and whose products have stood the test of time, are batch controlled and fully traceable while contributing to the sustainability and conservation of marine life on a global scale.

Firstly, Marine Collagen Peptides are a well characterised compound of amino acid sequences derived from Collagen or Gelatin through a process of hydrolysis.  They must meet compositional guidelines according to Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and Food Standards Australia & New Zealand. The product, Marine Collagen Peptides, are the same compound whether sourced from wild caught fish or farmed fish, except for purity profiles and amino acid composition – depending on their unique production processes.

Now, here’s the thing, Intrametica’s Marine Collagen Peptides (VERIOSL®) are sustainably farmed by GELITA, one of the world leading gelatin and collagen companies based in Germany. In fact, these guys have been leading the world in collagen research and development for around 135 years.  GELITA are the group who also pioneered a lot of the published human clinical trial research using collagen peptides for not only skin health but also joint health, body composition, and other musculoskeletal conditions.

In fact, most of our competitors in the ingestible beauty space piggyback their health claims using the GELITA science!! We are obviously aligned with the world leader in Collagen research to ensure optimal therapeutic outcomes with our premium VERISOL® Marine Collagen Peptides.

What separates us from some of the companies claiming their products are superior because they use wild caught fish is that our strategic supply partner, GELITA use a specialised manufacturing process based on their 13 decades of experience, which have proven their material to be therapeutically effective in achieving clinical results.  Here is a position statement from Gelita that directly confirms this.

Date      04 April 2022

To whom it may concern,

VERISOL® Scientific Position

During the past decade GELITA published 8 clinical studies with the Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP) VERISOL®. As it is known that collagen peptides have different biological activities, it is suggest­ed that the specific efficacy of the tested VERISOL® lies in the special production process. As a consequence, it has to be stated that the effects measured in these studies are valid only for VERISOL® and cannot readily be ap­plied to other collagen products that do not contain VERISOL®.

Sincerely yours,


Additionally, Intrametica have always taken purity and efficacy seriously which is why we decided to partner with GELITA.  All our Marine Collagen Peptide batches are tested for heavy metals, PCB’s, GMO’s, antibiotics, hormones and microbiological contamination to ensure there is not a trace of these materials in the final product. As part of our stringent quality control program here at Intrametica, we chose the best materials available on planet earth based on regulatory standards, international marine farming standards and decades of experience in the healthcare industry. It is simply incorrect to claim that sustainable farmed fish marine collagen peptides are not batch controlled or that they contain contaminants. This is seriously misleading and damaging to our industry as a whole.

Let’s be clear, my mission from the beginning has been and remains that of purity, efficacy, and sustainability. I am driven by the highest of healthcare standards and principles. I had the choice to use wild caught fish.  I didn’t proceed down this path because it is not sustainable.  Wild caught fish doesn’t happen with a fisherman/woman and a fishing rod. It involves nets, or thousands of lines with thousands of hooks. What else do you think these nets capture other than the fish used in wild caught collagen? It’s not pretty.  It’s not contributing to health-full practice of marine conservation. It’s not Intrametica.

Simply put, it’s the marine collagen peptides and fish we reject, that make us market leaders in the ingestible beauty space.

If you wish to join me and our growing community and you would like to enjoy the benefits of an aware wellness brand where we select clinically trialled active ingredients in therapeutic doses infused with real organic wholefood powders which enhance gut microbiome diversity, then click the link in our bio or follow us on the link below to find out more about what we are doing.


Angela Maree xx


Google Reviews
  • Absolutely love these products & they taste delicious!!!
    I take my collagen & protein in a smoothie every morning.
    Knowing that I am nourishing my body & brain with such high quality organic vegan ingredients & not using toxic protein powders which are actually harming the body - full of fillers, animal products, artificial flavors & thickeners!! The Collagen, Protein & Cleanse all taste amazing & will have you feeling your best!!!

    Suzi Antic Avatar
    Suzi Antic
  • Intrametica is an excellent group of products, with wonderful prompt service and delivery. A very professional company. As a person in her late 60's, I am in collagen decline, but since using the collagen powder, I've noticed some visible changes in the fullness of my face. I also use the protein powder and the detox powder in my smoothies.

    Gail Smith Avatar
    Gail Smith
  • I started using Intrametica’s Purify Body Cleanse two years ago and I cannot believe the transformation it has had on my health!! When I began using this incredible product I had severe liver issues and horrible Rosacea that had my skin so red and inflamed I didn't want to leave the house. I would constantly be in tears as I honestly thought there was no solution.

    I used to be morbidly obese weighing in at 147 kg so I was desperate to lose weight. As I had very little education on weight loss, I went about discovering ways for myself. Although I have lost 93kg and have kept it off for over 9 years it did come at a huge cost. I ended up with a poisoned liver from taking a herbal appetite suppressant. I almost died due to dangerously high liver readings that badly damaged my liver. As a result for many years I suffered with severe liver damage that meant each day would be a life of constant nausea, at times vomiting, and lethargy. There were days that anything I put in my mouth made me feel sick. It became extremely debilitating and difficult to function in everyday life. Feeling sick all day- it became a way of life for me. After being on this product each day, my liver began to function like it should, the nausea & vomiting began to disappear and I got my life back- something I thought would never happen as I had felt so sick for so long.

    I cannot begin to describe the impact Purify has had on my skin. My skin looked awful and I was so embarrassed- it was red, covered in pimples and my nose had become enlarged. The more I tried to cover it up, the worse it became. After using this product daily, I am so happy with my skin now. No more redness or pimples- something that I never thought would happen.

    I just love Purify Body Cleanse and I cannot begin to say how life changing it has been for me. I actually wake up each morning feeling energetic, with clear skin and I DON’T FEEL SICK- something I was beginning to think just wasn’t possible especially when I had been told to live with it. Purify has completely altered my life, it is impossible to put into words that will do it justice and express just how grateful I am. I cannot thank Angela Smith enough for formulating such an amazing product that has been so life changing for me. I feel so blessed that I finally got my life back and can now live without the health issues I once faced.
    I do not go a single day without it and never will!

    Kel Maloney Avatar
    Kel Maloney
  • Intrametica powders are a convenient and easy way to maintain a healthy body and glow! With such a big ingredient rich list, it's an easy way to detox daily - even without a program. I love that it's great on it's own in water or an addition to smoothies and juices.

    Alannah Browne Avatar
    Alannah Browne
  • I love the 3 Intramedica products combined in a smoothie for breakfast or sprinkled on granola with coconut yoghurt and berries. My digestion loves it and my skin is the best it's been in a long time. I love the combination of unique, low reactive, powerfully nourishing ingredients. As a health professional I've recommended the products to dozens of people and I get great feedback.

    Doreen Schwegler Avatar
    Doreen Schwegler
  • I started using the Intrametica Purify Body Cleanse about a year ago now and I can honestly say it's changed the way I feel in day to day life. I didn't notice the change right away, but when I ran out at one point and hadn't taken it for a while, it was clear that the PBC had been making a greater impact than I had initially realised. It's not just one of those powders you take daily and not really sure what it's doing- I can 100% say that for me, it's been a daily support to my gut health, my skin, my liver and my mental clarity. Since I have started using the PBC, I feel lighter, I have a really nice flow of energy throughout the day, I feel my skin is clearer and has a brighter tone when I don't have makeup on, and overall I just feel like I'm functioning at a higher capacity (probably attributed to the incredible ingredients that Angela has put together that feature throughout the range!). Will definitely be keeping this as a lifelong staple in my morning routine!

    Georgina Cron Avatar
    Georgina Cron
  • I love my collagen powder for the effect it has on my skin - glowing from the inside out!! I discovered yesterday it is perfect with frozen Dragon Fruit in my breakfast smoothie. Yum.
    The biggest plus for me is knowing that Intrametica products are created, formulated and manufactured by qualified, experienced Naturopaths and chemists who do not compromise on quality and stand by the results.
    I will always sing Intrametica's praises.

    Angela Carroll Avatar
    Angela Carroll

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