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Dimpled Skin

There’s nothing better than basking in the warm weather wearing short shorts, sweet summer dresses and bikinis. However dimpled skin can inhibit your ability to feel confident and sexy the way you should.

The reality is everybody has dimpled skin, and although it is a cause of self-esteem issues, it’s also completely natural. Whilst everybody has cellulite, it shows in different ways on every body, and Intrametica®’s Collagen Ultimate+ is formulated to reduce all amounts of visible dimples.

In as little as four weeks, patients who take Collagen Ultimate+ have experienced noticeably firmer and smoother skin with fewer wrinkles. This superstar supplement contains bioactive marine collagen peptides that are clinically proven to reduce the rippling effect around the thighs and buttocks after 3-6 months of use in women of a healthy weight.

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